Obama Bin ladin

The mess that is our government in D.C. continues to leave a feeling of disappointment, and worry about what kind of future we as Americans will face in the near term, and what kind of world we leave for future generations.
Osama Bin ladin came up with the Idea to hijack commercial airliners, and fly them into buildings. 9-11 changed the whole world as we know it. We now have people whose only job is to collect the data of anyone who uses a cell phone, or computer anywhere in the world as we are finding out on a daily basis. Mr. Snowden who now resides in Russia continues to regurgitate unpleasant truths about how we are being watched and recorded as we go about our daily lives.
The president has the distinction of being a person of color with a Muslim name who is the leader of the free world. He has been hounded about his birthplace, and his right to hold this most powerful office.
This president has to deal with racial issues like no other person who has held this special title. He is the person who represents us all. His name is a personal title that was given to him at birth.
We are all living in difficult times but as Americans we have to work together to make a future that only American citizens can experience. Our children, and their children deserve this as a birthright