The Soul of A Nation

The President, Mr Romney continue to battle it out in their bid to be the leader of the free world. I watch the events leading up to the swearing-in come the new year.

We are living through some interesting times. The I-Pad, Cell Phones, Texting. Etc. The problems in Europe, The Middle East is continuing to fester with discontent.

The leader we elect this year will have the greatest challenge of any recent President. The American people, and the world are looking for the best person to plot our future. Please step up to the plate.


Gestapo Anyone?

The recent shooting at the movie theater in Colorado by a highly educated, deranged individual shows us that even when we go out to relax and get away from the problems of life we can be right in the middle of a life altering drama in a split second. We now have extra security at airports,restaurants,sporting events etc.

We are getting to the point where society will accept loss of freedoms in exchange for a false of security. America is about having the freedom to come and go as you please, and we all expect that as a birthright.

We have more people locked up than any other country, now the possibility that the police will be even more prominent in our social activities, we already are under constant observation by security cameras. The time for Orwell’s 1984 has arrived. What freedoms are you willing to give up to feel “safe” again?

Think about it!!

Sanford and Son

The story coming out of Florida about the shooting death of seventeen year old Trayvon Martin. Has a lot of people talking about what happend a month ago. The Republican campaigns appear to be in a state of suspended animation. Mitt,Rick. and Newt have been blown out of the water by this story. The only one given a opportunity to speak at all was Obama. The other candidates can only look on from the sidelines. All that money that was spent seems almost like a waste. If the other guys could speak up on this matter without seeming biased, and if they spoke the right words, It would help a lot. At times like this you don’t know what to say, and for a politician that’s pretty sad. Please don’t let this opportunity slip away. The city of Sanford in Florida will be in the public’s eye for quite a while. Somebody say something!! Serius

Old Dog New Tricks

I am now taking an online business course. I am having trouble getting into the college student. My course book is full of pictures of young adults at least 40 years younger than me. The book is geared to the young, inquiring mind. I have seen a lot of places and I have went through a lot relationships with my peers. I will have to learn how to learn all over.As with most people over 50 I have set opinions about life, work, family. The information coming at me has to be accepted by my subconscious mind. It is said that it takes 20 days to start or stop a habit. I am going to put that statement to the test and see if I can learn to relearn. I will need all the help I can get during this period of transformation. Wish me luck.

Auto Pilot life

It has come to my attention lately that my life .has been up to this point has been lived on what I call the auto pilot phase. I have been detached from the world outside of my personal concerns. I have mostly reacted to life instead of being proactive. The fact that I am writing about my life at all is sign that I am changing the way that I think. The world that we live in today is very complex and, scary. I hope That I have not waited to long to realize the error of my ways. I know that I don’t have a lot of time to correct a life time of emotional neglect. The clock never stops it’s measurement of time. The need for self improvement never ceases. Enough said