Black Man’s Burden

To be a black male in America is both a blessing, and a curse. It is a blessing because being black in Africa,Haiti,or even Jamaica is a tough road because of the extreme poverty that is located in parts of those countries. To be poor in America can be overcome if one is willing to work hard,and resist the negative opportunities that will lead to prison or worse the cemetery.

The cities of Chicago, Detroit, or New Orleans are indeed dangerous places for the black male. It seems because of the racism that has been part of our country since the first slave were brought here from Africa has brainwashed the black man to hate who he is, and except for gang members there is something missing in our mindsets. We see other as potential enemies who we have no problem killing on the mean streets of black communities.

I grew up believing that the white man was the problem, sure people will not want to be around people who are different from themselves. That happens all over the world on a daily basis. It is present in all societies, but despite this other cultures are able to for the most part prosper.

When I see parts of Africa people still live in huts in undeveloped villages, a world that has not changed for centuries,and probably never will. We as men of color need to change the way we think, and use the blessings of living in America like all of the people who hunger to live in our great land, and are willing to risk their lives for for the chance.


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