Sanford and Son

The story coming out of Florida about the shooting death of seventeen year old Trayvon Martin. Has a lot of people talking about what happend a month ago. The Republican campaigns appear to be in a state of suspended animation. Mitt,Rick. and Newt have been blown out of the water by this story. The only one given a opportunity to speak at all was Obama. The other candidates can only look on from the sidelines. All that money that was spent seems almost like a waste. If the other guys could speak up on this matter without seeming biased, and if they spoke the right words, It would help a lot. At times like this you don’t know what to say, and for a politician that’s pretty sad. Please don’t let this opportunity slip away. The city of Sanford in Florida will be in the public’s eye for quite a while. Somebody say something!! Serius


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