All That Glitters

There is a slow but deliberate flow of wealth from the masses to the wealthy. We see it everywhere “we buy gold” signs can be found in all forms of media advertisments. people are holding wads of cash that might soon be worth a lot less. Give us your wealth in exchange for paper that you will soon spend on whatever is needed. Why do the rich want all of the Gold they can get their┬áhands on? Gold is at an all time high and cost is no object. Something big is going to happen to the global economy, and this is a sure sign that it will affect us all in the wallet. The future is here. What do you have in your wallet?


Thoughts on my paradigm

I have given a lot of thought lately about my view of the world and how do I react to it. I have recently learned that our lives as adults are influenced by events that happen between birth and five years old. All our thoughts and behaviors are passed on to us from our parents or caregivers. If we get negative inputs we get a negative view about life in general. Our paradigm is what the subconcious mind which controls the body sees as our blueprint for life.
In life success needs no explanation, failure accepts no excuses. Look back to your childhood experiences and compare who you are against how you were raised. Are you happy with who you are or like most of us some improvements are in order. Always strive to be a better person. The world be a better place for us all to live in. Serius