Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day in the United States of America. This a day we honor those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for their country. Their lives. We all owe a debt to those who have served , and are now putting their lives in harm way in defense of the Democratic experiment that is America in the year 2016.

With the election for president which at the moment is a three-way free for all. The Donald, Hillary, and the guy that won’t go away Bernie. This is going to be a very interesting chapter in American political history. The whole world is watching with bated breath to see who will be the leader of what is left of the so-called free world. I feel proud to call myself an veteran.

let us always remember those who put their lives on the line for the safety of the public. this would include the police, and the fire departments who are on duty twenty-four seven for us all. many in the profession of public service have made the ultimate sacrifice. Winston Churchill got it right when he said in a few words: society as a whole owes a lot to the few who promise to “protect and serve”

The Truth Be Told

The truth be told we are all forced to be liars about our feelings about anything we do from work,school, family obligations. The world we live in today is more complex than any other time in recorded human history. one must be careful of what is posted on social media websites. In the recent past one could recant negative gossip because it usually involved a small group of individuals. Those days are long gone. We now have the ability to put anything about anybody from our laptops or cellphones whether it is true or not is irrelevant in cyberspace.

The world of interaction of mankind has become electronic almost robot like if you think about you can send a text to another person when in the past to call someone at their home phone was a personal event. In those day’s the phones were owned by the provider of the phone service. To get a call from someone was a big deal back then. Personal calls were welcomed by those who could afford to have a phone in their homes.

Who we feel we are as individuals, and who we present to the world are two different side of a coin. There are very few people who know the real person who we claim to be in public against the person we see in the mirror. The real truth is between what is, and what we ultimately try to be for for all others to see. That is the truth to be told.

Black Man’s Burden

To be a black male in America is both a blessing, and a curse. It is a blessing because being black in Africa,Haiti,or even Jamaica is a tough road because of the extreme poverty that is located in parts of those countries. To be poor in America can be overcome if one is willing to work hard,and resist the negative opportunities that will lead to prison or worse the cemetery.

The cities of Chicago, Detroit, or New Orleans are indeed dangerous places for the black male. It seems because of the racism that has been part of our country since the first slave were brought here from Africa has brainwashed the black man to hate who he is, and except for gang members there is something missing in our mindsets. We see other as potential enemies who we have no problem killing on the mean streets of black communities.

I grew up believing that the white man was the problem, sure people will not want to be around people who are different from themselves. That happens all over the world on a daily basis. It is present in all societies, but despite this other cultures are able to for the most part prosper.

When I see parts of Africa people still live in huts in undeveloped villages, a world that has not changed for centuries,and probably never will. We as men of color need to change the way we think, and use the blessings of living in America like all of the people who hunger to live in our great land, and are willing to risk their lives for for the chance.

Obama Bin ladin

The mess that is our government in D.C. continues to leave a feeling of disappointment, and worry about what kind of future we as Americans will face in the near term, and what kind of world we leave for future generations.
Osama Bin ladin came up with the Idea to hijack commercial airliners, and fly them into buildings. 9-11 changed the whole world as we know it. We now have people whose only job is to collect the data of anyone who uses a cell phone, or computer anywhere in the world as we are finding out on a daily basis. Mr. Snowden who now resides in Russia continues to regurgitate unpleasant truths about how we are being watched and recorded as we go about our daily lives.
The president has the distinction of being a person of color with a Muslim name who is the leader of the free world. He has been hounded about his birthplace, and his right to hold this most powerful office.
This president has to deal with racial issues like no other person who has held this special title. He is the person who represents us all. His name is a personal title that was given to him at birth.
We are all living in difficult times but as Americans we have to work together to make a future that only American citizens can experience. Our children, and their children deserve this as a birthright

GI Blues 2013

One year, eleven months, three weeks ago I filed a disability claim with the VA because of an injury to my ankle. The claim was denied by the VA because they said it was not service connected.

I was stationed In Germany when the injury occurred. this tells me that anything that happens when you are on active duty; is service-connected because you are on duty 24/7 until the day you are discharged.

The VA took two long years to make a decision that could be made in the first six months. I would like to get some feedback  for other vets who may had similar experiences; what is the definition of service related? 

The law Of Attraction

I have studied the law of attraction for some time now. I feel that this is a process that can improve or destroy a persons life. The law states: We attract the kind of life ,and the people in our lives by what we think about. The brain is like a radio receiver that send out waves to other like minded brains. I am now sending out a message to the world. Due to the signing of the sequestration order signed by Obama. My job hours have been cut by 50% this has but my goal of starting my business called: Roberts Foreclosure Solutions. I am attempting to save a dream that I have of helping others. the link is: Please go there and read my story. Thanks.

Nattering Nabobs of Negativity

The world of mathematics says there is no such a thing as perfection. There will always be a positive, and negative value. When two people get  together one has to be the dominant personality.

In our daily journey through life we must encounter people who for one reason or another just can’t get it together. Their negative thoughts connect with our bad day and things just go south from there. You can get past those bad vibes if you remember you are what you think about all day!!

Know what you want from life, and demand it, and it will happen. One must find that inner knowledge, and seize the opportunity to be all you can be. life is painfully short it should not be wasted on petty grievances. At some point in time we all have to wake up, and smell the coffee. Whether we want to or not